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We Adjust.

We at DuMars Family Chiropractic know the POWER of the chiropractic adjustment to impact and boost your body's healing and coordination.


We use several technologies to map out the condition of your autonomic nervous system and are therefore able to offer specific, scientifically impactful adjustments. We believe nothing else is needed.

We do not take insurance.

(Except Medicare Part B ONLY)

Here's the thing: Insurance companies reimburse for what they deem to be "medically necessary", or "usual and customary" care. Here at DFC you will receive care that is anything but "usual and customary." We pride ourselves on achieving outstanding results by working with and for YOU, not some massive company.

We are happy to provide you with the appropriate receipts to submit to your insurance on your own, but cannot guarantee reimbursement.

New/Return Client Eval - $200   ~30min

If you are new (or it's been a year since your last visit) we want to offer you the best care possible. We use several neurologic scans to measure your autonomic function (thermography, surfice EMG and HRV) to pinpoint how "stuck" your system is and to direct the frequency and type of care. If x-rays are indicated you will be referred to the walk-in clinic at Valley Regional Hospital where you may use your insurance to cover the fees of imaging.


Includes full eval, scans and your first adjustment.


Chiropractic Adjustment - $45   ~5-10min

The chiropractic adjustment has been shown again and again to improve neurologic function, increase communication and coordination in the body and accelerate healing.

Common side-effects include: better sleep, steadier moods and energy, better digestive function (less constipation, fewer wet beds!), faster recovery from colds/viruses, fewer ear infections, tongue-tie improvement and better latching, more comfortable pregnancy and birthing, fewer headaches, happier kids and happier families!


Scheduled Re-Eval - $65   ~15min

You will be re-assessed with thermography, sEMG and HRV at specific points throughout your Restorative Care journey to make sure we are getting maximum results. 


Family Wellness Care

We know that the only thing making a bigger impact on your quality of life than a healthy nervous system is a healthy nervous system for your whole family! We offer several discounts to make it easy to get everyone started with care, and once your family has progressed through Restorative Care into Wellness Care we keep it easy with super affordable wellness pricing.

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